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1.         NAME.

The name of the Council shall be the 'National Tenterfield Terrier Council (Australia)’, referred to in this Constitution hereafter as the NTTC(A). 


2.       MEMBER CLUBS. 

2.1        The NTTC(A) shall consist of three or more ANKC affiliated clubs or Associations that cater exclusively for Tenterfield Terriers, provided such Clubs and/or Associations hold current affiliation with a Member Body in any Australian State or Territory, and upon payment of the prescribed annual membership fee.  The membership fee shall be such amount as the NTTC(A) shall from time to time determine. 

2.2        After each Club or Association becomes a member of the NTTC(A), it will become known as one of the ‘Member Clubs”.

2.3        Each such organisation shall remain a Member Club so long as it is financial and accepts the NTTC(A) Constitution as binding. 

3.       OBJECTS 

3.1        To promote interest in, develop, improve and educate judges, breeders, enthusiasts and the general public in the unique characteristics of the Tenterfield Terrier and abide by the standard as approved by the ANKC from time to time.    

3.2     To educate, promote and encourage the correct breeding, exhibition, care and training of the Tenterfield Terrier including specialised activities such as lure racing, fly ball and Earth Dog tests.   

3.3        To allocate National Tenterfield Terrier Specialty Championship Shows in accordance with Clause 15 of this Constitution.    

3.4        To assist with the formation and development of clubs and similar organisations working for the advancement of the Tenterfield Terrier and for the interests of owners, and to encourage such clubs to affiliate with the NTTC(A) and become a Member Club. 

3.5     To provide a National body taking co-operative action on a National basis in the interests of the Tenterfield Terrier and for, or on behalf of, the Member Clubs individually and/or collectively. 

3..6          Administer for the ANKC the Tenterfield Terrier Development Register (in accordance with By-Law 4) whilst it remains open. 

3.7           To be bound by the Rules, Regulations and directions of the Australian National Kennel Council and to collect, verify, disseminate and address information relating to any proposed alterations to either the Breed Standard or the Development Register. 

3.8        To collect, verify and publish information relating to the Tenterfield Terrier and the breeding and exhibition thereof. 



4.1       To legislate, to make by-laws and do all other lawful acts, matters and everything necessary or expedient to promote the objects of the NTTC(A) or matters incidental thereto. 

4.2        To acquire a membership fee from Member Clubs to carry out any or all of the objects of the NTTC(A). 

4.3               To make resolutions and procedures and maintain records designed to promote and improve the breeding of the Tenterfield Terrier.

4.4        To consult with the ANKC regarding developing, administering and/or altering any procedure or scheme affecting the breeding, welfare and/or exhibiting of the Tenterfield Terrier.

4.5        To consult with the ANKC regarding administering the Development Register as long as it remains open.   

4.6        To encourage member clubs to hold shows, exhibitions, parades, trials, and Earthdog Tests, plus the "National Tenterfield Terrier Specialty Championship Show” in accordance with Clause 15, subject to approval of the ANKC plus the Member Body in the State or Territory in which the fixture is to be conducted. 

4.7        To publish any newspaper, magazine, journal or any other type of publication and/or to arrange radio and/or television interviews to further the NTTC(A)’s objectives.

4.8        To contact State and/or International Member Bodies regarding Tenterfield Terrier matters and to co-operate with them in any way the NTTC(A) deems conducive to attaining the objects as set out in this Constitution. 

4.9        To procure contributions to the funds of the NTTC(A) by way of donations, sponsorships, bequests etc by any means considered by the NTTC(A) to be appropriate and invest such funds as not immediately required in a manner as the delegates determine. 

4.10      Do all such other things which may appear to it to be necessary for the purpose of carrying into effect its objects.



5.1        Each Member Club may be represented at meetings of the NTTC(A) by more than one person but each Member Club shall have only one vote.  In addition, any members of the NTTC(A) who may be non-voting executive officers of the NTTC(A) may attend.  Names of the voting Delegates representing each Member Club of the NTTC(A) shall be supplied to the Secretary in writing by each Member Club 14 days prior to an Annual General Meeting. 

5.2     If for any reason it should become necessary, Member Clubs may appoint a substitute delegate who shall ipso facto be deemed to be a delegate for voting and all other purposes at a meeting of the NTTC(A).

5.3        No person shall represent a Member Club unless he is a financial member or a life member of the said Club and a financial member of the Member Body in the State or Territory in which they reside. 


6.       VOTING   

6.1        Votes may be recorded orally at meetings including those held by Conference Link, or by a show of hands.

6.2     Resolutions of the NTTC(A) shall be decided by a majority of the Delegates attending the meeting voting in favour of the motion.

6.3        Voting at all meetings of the NTTC(A) shall be recorded openly. 

6.4        In the event of equality of votes on any matter the Chairperson shall not have a casting vote, the motion shall be deemed to be lost and the status quo shall remain.  Dissentient members shall be bound by a majority decision.

6.5        At meetings of the NTTC(A) each Member Club shall have one vote, subject to its delegate being in attendance at such meetings. 

6.6        The NTTC(A) shall manage its own affairs and hold meetings at such time and such place and by such means as it deems fit and appropriate from time to time.  Meetings can be held by Conference Link. 


7.1        A Member Club may move a motion or put forward any proposal or nomination for the consideration and decision of the NTTC(A) at any time and without the need for a seconder.

7.2      Member Clubs may bring any business before a meeting of the NTTC(A) by giving 14 days notice of its intention to the Secretary.  The Secretary shall communicate the agenda for a meeting to each of the Member Clubs at least 7 days prior to the date of the meeting.

7.3     Items which are not on the agenda for a meeting, have not been circulated to member clubs for discussion and on which delegates are not mandated to vote can only be added to the agenda if the delegates so decide.

7.4        A decision taken at a meeting on any such additional item shall not be effective unless confirmed by Member Clubs within 60 days after the meeting at which the agenda items were discussed.  

7.5        The accidental omission to give notice to a member or if a member shall fail to receive a notice shall not invalidate a Meeting.  A notice sent by post shall be deemed to have been served on the day following that on which it is posted. 

7.6        In all matters not covered by this constitution the rules of common debate shall apply provided always that the best interests of the members be served, and members have the right to vote in favour or against any decision. 

8.       OFFICERS

8.1        There may be a Patron who shall be a resident of Australia and who, once elected, shall continue to be Patron during the pleasure of the NTTC(A) or until he resigns or ceases to be a resident of Australia.

8.2        There shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Registrar and Treasurer who will make up the Executive body of the NTTC(A).  These officers may not be a delegate and shall not vote at any meeting of the NTTC(A).  The Registrar will manage the Development Register.  The positions of Treasurer and Registrar are separate positions but can be combined together or with another role. The NTTC(A) will appoint an independent Returning Officer for the AGM.

8.3        Each candidate for office shall be a financial member or a life member of a Member Club and shall be a financial member of the Member Body in the State or Territory in which they reside.

Written nominations for the officers roles shall be in the hands of the Secretary at least 14 days before the said meeting and all Member Clubs shall be advised of the nominations 7 days before the meeting. 

8.4        If no written nominations are received as provided in Clause 8.3 nominations may be proposed and seconded by the Delegates attending the AGM.  The nomination must be accepted by the member nominated and carried by a majority. 

8.5        No officer of the NTTC(A) shall receive any remuneration for his services, but nothing herein contained shall be deemed to prohibit the payment or reimbursement by the NTTC(A) of any sum to any officer or servant of the NTTC(A) in return for services or other assistance actually rendered to the NTTC(A).

8.6     The NTTC(A) may appoint any officers it deems necessary to carry out the business of the NTTC(A). There may be a Chairperson of the Judges Committee, a Chairperson of the Earthdog Sub-Committee and any other committee member that may be deemed necessary for the betterment of the Tenterfield Terrier.  These shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and each officer shall continue in office until a successor is appointed.  These suggested Chairpersons may also be independent or be one of the delegates.

8.7     Each officer shall vacate his office:

(a)      if he ceases to be a financial member of the Member Club he represents or ceases to be a financial member of the Member Body in the State or Territory in which he resides;

(b)      if he resigns in writing;

(c)      if he becomes bankrupt or suspends payment or compounds with his creditors or makes any assignment for the benefit of his creditors;

(d)      if he shall be absent from more than two consecutive NTTC(A) meetings without the consent or ratification of the NTTC(A),

(e)      if the Member Club he represents becomes unfinancial;

(f)       if he is disqualified or suspended by the Member Body in his State or Territory of residence for any period for which he is suspended or disqualified.

8.8        Vacancies of office may be filled temporarily until the next Annual General Meeting by a Delegate at the next Meeting and the member so appointed shall hold office until his appointment is confirmed by the members at the next Annual General Meeting or the position is filled by a duly elected person other than the member temporarily filling the vacancy.  Member Clubs shall be notified of any change to an appointment to office. 



9.1        The President shall be Chairperson of all meetings of the NTTC(A) and shall when necessary, speak on behalf of the NTTC(A) and represent its policy to other persons or organisations. He shall present a written report to the Annual General Meeting.

he President shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of the NTTC(A).

9.2        The Secretary shall keep all records of all proceedings and of the affairs of the NTTC(A); conduct the correspondence of the NTTC(A); convene meetings of the NTTC(A) and sub-committees as required by the President and carry out the instructions of the NTTC(A) subject to the rules. 

            It shall be the duty of the Secretary or in the absence of the Secretary the President to notify the ANKC within fourteen (14) days of any changes Office Bearers. 

            The Secretary must be a club member of one of the Member Clubs and of the respective State or Territory Member Body, but shall not be a delegate. 

            The headquarters of the NTTC(A) shall be the residential address of the Secretary where the books, records and property of the NTTC(A) shall be kept. 

9.3     The Treasurer shall receive and issue receipts for all moneys paid to the NTTC(A); pay or cause to be paid into the bank accounts of the NTTC(A) all moneys of the NTTC(A); keep the accounts of the NTTC(A) and prepare the annual statement of accounts and balance sheet for audit and for submission to the Annual General Meeting. 

9.4        The Executive body shall manage and direct the affairs of the NTTC(A) between constituted meetings and in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.  Should, in the opinion of the President or Secretary a matter require urgent attention and/or action, this business may be discussed by conference call provided all Member Clubs are contacted and the business is confined to that urgent matter.  

9.5        The Registrar shall administer for the ANKC the Tenterfield Terrier Development Register (in accordance with By-Law 4) whilst it remains open. 


There shall be an Honorary Auditor appointed at the Annual General Meeting who shall hold office until the next succeeding Annual General Meeting. The Auditor shall not be a Delegate of the NTTC(A). A person who is interested in any transaction of the NTTC(A) shall not be eligible for appointment as an Auditor. Where possible, the Auditor shall be a resident of the same State as the Treasurer. The Auditor shall review/audit the books of the NTTC(A) and certify an annual statement of finances of the NTTC(A). 




11.1      Applications for membership of the NTTC(A) shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the NTTC(A) together with proof of qualification as a ‘Member Club’ as defined in Clause 2 of this Constitution, and shall be accompanied by the requisite fee as described in Clause 13.   

11.2      Any specialist Tenterfield Terrier Club affiliated with a State or Territory Member Body, which is in turn a member of the Australian National Kennel Council, upon payment of the prescribed annual membership fee, shall be eligible for membership of the NTTC(A) except in the case of re-admission which must be in compliance with Clause 24 of this Constitution. 

11.3      The applicant, upon receipt of a copy of this Constitution, shall become a Member Club of the NTTC(A) and be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of membership and be bound by the Constitution.


Subject to the restrictions and limitations prescribed by or pursuant to the Constitution and regulations, the privileges of a member shall be:

(a)        the right to be represented at meetings of the NTTC(A), and to vote on all motions considered by the NTTC(A);

(b)      the right to submit candidates for election to any office of the NTTC(A);

(c)        the right to call upon the NTTC(A) for assistance, advice or information relative to Tenterfield Terriers;

(d)        the right to participate in all NTTC(A) activities and functions; and

(e)        The right to encourage financial members of Member Clubs to conduct clinics at special rates (if rates apply) for patella luxation or any other veterinary problem affecting Tenterfield Terriers.  Refer to By-Law 5. 



13.1      The membership fee shall be fixed by NTTC(A) from time to time.

13.2      The same rate shall apply to all Member Clubs.

13.3      Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to prohibit the right of the NTTC(A) to waive any membership fee if such waiver be considered in the interests of the aims and objects of the NTTC(A).  Any such waiver shall not affect the rights and privileges of the Member Club to which it applies. 

14.     FINANCE

14.1      The financial year of the NTTC(A) shall commence on 1 July of each year and conclude on 30 June of each year.   

14.2      Annual membership fees shall become due and payable in advance on 1 July each year.

14.3      Member Clubs which have not paid annual membership fees within two months from the date due shall be deemed unfinancial and, subject to NTTC(A)’s power under clause 13.3, shall forfeit all rights and privileges as a Member Club.

14.4      That assets and income of the NTTC(A) shall be applied solely in furtherance of its objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to its members except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the NTTC(A) or in the case of winding up as defined in Clause 25 of this Constitution.

14.5      All monies of the NTTC(A) shall be kept in an account with a recognised Australian bank established in the name of the NTTC(A).  All cheques shall be signed by the Secretary and countersigned by the President or NTTC(A) delegate appointed for that purpose. 

14.6    All expenditure greater than One thousand dollars ($1,000.00) shall be authorised by member clubs in writing or by an Annual General Meeting, General Meeting or a Special General Meeting,  The funds of the NTTC(A), not immediately required, may be invested in such manner as the delegates shall determine. 



A vote at any meeting may allocate a National Tenterfield Terrier Speciality Championship Show to any Member Club.  Such show must be applied for and approved by the ANKC and conducted under ANKC Rules and Regulations, and the judge approved by the ANKC to award Challenge Certificates to Tenterfield Terriers.  Refer to By-Law 1.


Subject to the Regulations and this Constitution, the secretary shall keep in his custody or under his control all records, books, and other documents relating to the association.


The records, books and other documents of the association shall be open to inspection, free of charge, by a representative of any Member Club of the NTTC(A) at any reasonable hour.



181       The NTTC(A) may adopt from time to time committees to investigate any matter and require them to report back to NTTC(A).

18.2      The President and Secretary shall be deemed ex-officio members of all committees.



19.1      An Annual General Meeting of the NTTC(A) shall be held between 1 August and 31 October annually at a date, time and place decided by the officers of the NTTC(A). The business of such meeting shall be: 

(a)        confirm the minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting;

(b)        to receive applications for membership;

(c)        to receive the President's and Secretary's reports of the years activities;

(d)      to receive from the Treasurer a report, balance sheet and statement of account for the preceding financial year and an estimate of the receipts and expenditure for the current financial year; 

(e)      to receive the Honorary Auditor's report;

(f)         to receive and consider reports from any sub-committees appointed by the NTTC(A);

(g)        to elect the officers of the NTTC(A) as provided in clauses 9.1 to 9.5 herein, and the Honorary Auditor;

(h)        to determine the scale of annual membership fees to be paid by Member Clubs in the next succeeding financial year, and

(i)         the consideration of any other business of which notice shall have been given by a Member Club or by the President not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting.


20.1      There shall be such other Special General Meetings as the NTTC(A) may determine from time to time.

20.2         The President may summon a Special General Meeting following a request by any Member Club, if in the President’s opinion, such a meeting is in the interests of all Member Clubs and is consistent with the aims and objects of the NTTC(A).

20.3      Notices of all Special General Meetings of the NTTC(A) shall set forth with reasonable particulars the purpose of the meeting.

20.4    The President shall have power to fix the place, date and time of any Special General Meeting.

20.5    Should in the opinion of the President or Secretary, or at the written request of a Member Club, NTTC(A) business require urgent action, this business may be conducted by Conference telephone call, provided that a quorum takes part.  This meeting must be confined to a limited agenda or emergency decisions with prior notification by the NTTC(A). 

20.6    If the President fails to summon a Special General Meeting under clause 20.2 within 14 days of receiving a request by a Member Club, a majority of the Member Clubs may call the meeting themselves.



21.1    Notices of all meetings of the NTTC(A) shall be sent to the Secretary of each Member Club, together with the Agenda, at least 7 days prior to the date fixed for the meeting. 

21.2      No item of business shall be transacted at a committee meeting unless a quorum of members entitled under these rules to vote is present during the time the meeting is considering that item.

21.3    The President of the NTTC(A) shall be Chairperson of all meetings of the NTTC(A).  Should he not be present within 15 minutes of the time appointed for the holding of the meeting, the delegates shall elect a Chairperson from among their number.  The delegate appointed Chairperson may record his own vote on any matter, but shall not have a casting vote.

21.4    Should the Secretary not be present within 15 minutes of the time appointed for the holding of the meeting, the delegates shall elect an Acting Secretary, for that meeting, from among their Members.  The delegate appointed Acting Secretary may record his own vote on any matter.


22.    CENSURE

22.1      Censure of      1.         President’s and/or Chairperson’s Action - Ruling Procedure - etc.

                                    2.       Secretary’s Action - Ruling - Procedure - etc.

                                    3.       A General Member’s Action - Conduct, etc.


In the event that a censure motion be moved, seconded and carried by a majority at any Meeting of the Council the person or persons against whom the vote be taken shall be considered censured and all relevant details shall be minuted.  (It must be understood that a censure motion does not automatically mean a loss of position from Council or a loss to a member of his usual and accepted rights). 

22.2      Dissension from the Presidents and/or Chairperson’s procedure, ruling, actions, etc.

In the event that a dissension vote be carried by a majority at any meeting of the Council the Chairperson shall be bound to adopt such ruling - procedures - actions - as decided by said vote, and further, immediately such dissension vote be moved and seconded the Chairperson shall immediately vacate the chair to enable correct and proper discussion and voting procedures to follow.  Delegates present are then entitled to elect their own choice of interim Chairperson to preside during the time that this matter only is discussed and determined whereupon the Chairperson shall resume the Chair. 

22.3      Vote of No Confidence         1.           Against the President or Secretary

                                                         2.           Any Council Member

In the event that a Vote of “No Confidence” be moved, seconded and carried by a majority of persons present in person at the Meeting specially convened to discuss the motion such person or persons against whom the motion was carried shall immediately forfeit his/their position as an Office Bearer(s) or Council Member and any such person(s) shall not be allowed to accept nomination for the Council or as Office Bearer or for any Subcommittee for the remainder of his/their term of office.  The members present upon such, “vote of no confidence” being carried are then entitled if they so desire, to select a replacement or replacements for the position or positions hereby rendered vacant. 

22.4      Notice of Motion of, “No Confidence”, must be made in writing signed by the persons moving and seconding the motion and handed to the Secretary. The Secretary shall convene a Special Meeting to be held within sixty (60) days from the date of receipt of the Notice of Motion, and advise all Member Clubs in writing within fourteen (14) days allowing Member Clubs at least twenty-eight (28) clear days notice of the Meeting.  Proof of posting of the notice to the members last registered address with the Council shall be deemed sufficient proof of the member being notified. 

23.     QUORUM

23.1      The quorum for meetings shall be a majority of the number of Member Clubs.

23.2      If within half an hour after the appointed time for the commencement of a meeting a quorum is not present the meeting shall be adjourned to another day, place and time as specified by the person presiding.


24.1    A Member Club may withdraw from the NTTC(A) by giving not less than six months notice in writing to the Secretary and in so doing shall forfeit all financial claim on the NTTC(A).  Such withdrawal shall not free the club from liability to pay any membership fee which is due and unpaid on the date of written notice.

24.2      Should any Member Club that has withdrawn seek re-admission as a Member of the NTTC(A) they must comply with the conditions stipulated in Clause 11.1 of this Constitution.



The NTTC(A) may be dissolved at a General Meeting called for that purpose by a resolution passed by a majority of all Member Clubs. In the event of a proposed dissolution, the assets and property of the NTTC(A) which remains after all debts and liabilities have been paid, shall be divided equally among all Tenterfield Terrier Clubs affiliated with Australian Member Bodies at that time. Upon the completion of the distribution of the assets and property, the NTTC(A) shall be considered dissolved. 


The liability of a Member Club to contribute towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the association or the costs, charges and expenses of the winding up of the association is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid by the Member Club in respect of membership of the association as provided in clause 13.1.

27.     AMENDMENT. 

This Constitution and the By-Laws shall only be amended, waived or altered on a motion passed by a majority of the delegates present and voting on this resolution.  At least 90 days notice of any motion for amendment shall be given by the Secretary and the Secretary shall give 60 days notice to each Member Club, together with full details of such motion for amendment. 

28.    BY-LAWS 

Subject always to the constitution, delegates at a meeting by a resolution passed by a majority of delegates present and voting on this resolution, may make By-Laws and may from time to time amend such By-Laws by variation, deletion or addition as necessary for the efficient functioning of the NTTC(A).



"Breed" means the Tenterfield Terrier breed of dog.

"Committee" means any sub-committee appointed by the NTTC(A) for the time being.

"Rule" means any numbered point of this Constitution.

"Resolution" means the decision in the form of a motion agreed to by the Member Clubs but which does not conflict with the NTTC(A)’s Constitution.

"Member" means Member Club according to the rules of this Constitution.

"in writing" means written, printed, partly written, duplicated or any other recognised means of written communication including fax and E-mail to a NTTC(A) previously approved E-mail address.

"Officers" means officers of the NTTC(A) and includes the President for the time being, the Secretary and Treasurer or any other person occupying for the time being any of these offices.

"Affiliate" means affiliated with any of the State or territories’ Member Bodies

“Member Body” means the member body of the Australian National Kennel Council.

“Delegate” - An official representative appointed by a member club to vote on their behalf at NTTC(A) meetings.

Unless the contrary appears, words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine. Words implying persons shall include company, association, society, club or other body corporate or incorporate.






By-Law 1

Granting of the title “National Tenterfield Terrier Specialty Championship Shows”.

The delegates at any meeting and in accordance with Clause 15 of the Constitution may grant the title Tenterfield Terrier National Specialty Championship Show to any Member Club.

National Championship Shows will occur no more frequently than once every two calendar years.

The Judge will certify/sign that they have read the ANKC Tenterfield Terrier Breed Standard & Breed Standard Extension.

The Judge must provide a written critique, within 30 days of the show.

The National Championship Show will be held on a rotational basis.  A Member Club may pass over its turn however it may apply for the following National Championship Show.

An embargo of 18 months prior to the date of the show will apply on the Judge.


By-Law 2 

Appointment of Office Bearers

Office Bearers shall be appointed by the NTTC(A) delegates at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with Clause 9 of the Constitution for a term of one year from nominations received from the Member Clubs.  Terms of office may be extended at an Annual General Meeting.

Office Bearers shall hold office until the day following that of the Annual General Meeting at the end of the term. 

In the case of a tied vote for the election of a President, Secretary or any other Office Bearer the matter will be resolved by deferring it to the next general/special meeting to allow Delegates to notify the Secretary in writing of their choice between the tied candidates.  The incumbent officer will remain in the position until the result of the voting is presented at the next general/special meeting.

By-Law 3

Development Register

Whilst the Tenterfield Terrier Development Register remains open it will be administered by the NTTC(A) in accordance with the ANKC Rules and Regulations.  The Registrar will manage the Development Register.  The Position of Register is a separate position but can be combined with another role.

The NTTC(A) will from time to time as required seek extension of the Development Register.

It is essential the Development Register continue to operate for as long as Member Clubs and/or the ANKC wish to allow the gene pool of the Tenterfield Terrier to expand and also to incorporate pedigrees of dogs previously known as ‘mini foxies’, plus be in accordance with ANKC direction.

The NTTC will from time to time as required set the rates of registration fees.


By-Law 4

Patella scheme and/or other health problems.     

The NTTC(A) will consult with the ANKC, veterinarians, other breed councils and organisations to establish appropriate guidelines for breeders to follow.  These guidelines will not be mandatory unless Member Clubs resolve otherwise, which may then involve consultation with the ANKC about recording medical information on pedigree certificates.

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