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Latest News

July 2016

Now Blue coloured dogs have been included onto the standard the following colours are to be used when registering: 

White, black and tan,
White, liver and tan,
White, blue and tan,
White and black,
White and tan,
White and liver,
White and blue.

November 2015

As from November 2015 wording changes were adjusted in the standard to include blue coloured dogs.

October 2014

As from October 2014 the wording changes to the standard will be upgraded in accordance with the NTTC submission.

November 2014

The exporting restriction has been removed as from November 2014 so as to allow any Tenterfield Terrier to be granted an export certificate.

Above and below: TTs in Sweden.

Development Register

As a new breed, having been accepted in 2002, The Tenterfield Terriers has a development register managed by the NTTC.  This register is used to enable breeders to build up the generations behind dogs on our register.  A dog must have five generations on its pedigree (including the dog to be registered) before its pedigree can be registered with the Australian National Kennel Club.

Complete details are on the Forms Page.

Blue Survey

The Council encourages owners or breeders of blue coloured dogs to continue to provide information on the presence or absence of any  health issues now the colour is increasing in number within the breed.  It is first important to establish if there are any health issues such as alopecia (hair loss), sight problems or allergies.  If you have bred or owned a blue coloured dog please take part in our survey.   

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