Development Register

Information and Forms

As a new breed, having been recognised in 2001, a development register continues to be managed by the NTTC on behalf of the ANKC.

If you have a dog that appears to be very similar to a Tenterfield Terrier you can apply to have it accepted as a First Generation Tenterfield Terrier.  The NTTC has an acceptance process for these dogs to undergo which involves some of the forms on this page.  Consequent litters are placed on the Development Register until there are sufficient generations behind the dog so it can be officially registered with the ANKC.  Five generations are required - four pedigree lines plus the dog you are registering with the ANKC.  Once this has been done the dog can enter conformation shows and agility competitions.

If you wish to register a mini fox terrier as a Tenterfield Terrier this is possible also.

The development register process is confusing to understand at first so please contact the Registrar with any questions on [email protected].  A lot of advice provided by well-meaning people may not be applicable to your situation.  


1.  You must also be a member of a Tenterfield Terrier Club for the Development Register forms to be processed, even if you are member of a State canine body already.  
2.  Pet names will not be used on the forms.
3.  When the dog turns one year of age you must complete the veterinary certificate and upgrade to the Stud Dog Registry by completing the bottom part of your litter document, as well as the vet certificate on the back and returning to the Registrar for processing.
First generation dogs will need to provide a PLL test via Orivet, for example, or be able to prove the dog is clear of PLL through parentage.  


First Generation application part 1

First Generation application part 2

Litter application part 1

Litter appication part 2