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Development Register FAQs


Q.  What is the cost of paperwork on the Development Register?

A.  Costs were increased in September 2015 to $15 for each of the following forms :

a)  First generation listing.

b)  Kennel Prefix listing.

c)  Litter registration and service certificate (2 documents –the cost).

d)  Puppy listing - $15 for each puppy (can be done by breeder or new owner).

e)  Stud book listing.

f)  Transfer of ownership.


Q.  How does my dog/bitch progress within the Development Register?

A.  Briefly - it allows dogs or bitches of Tenterfield Terrier type or Mini Foxies to become first generation TTs. When you breed your first generation dog/bitch its pups will become second generation, and so on until you reach fifth generation (providing both sire and dam have the required background). Any fifth generation dog/bitch can be registered with a state canine body and will be eligible for the show ring and other official events.  For this to occur you will need specific documents that will be provided upon request to the Registrar.  These must then be provided to your state canine controlling body for their acceptance onto the ANKC registry.

Q.  So I can register a Mini Foxie as a Tenterfield Terrier?

A.  Yes. A Mini Foxie will become a first generation TT – no legal or copyright issues apply.  Application forms are on the NTTC website.  Read these forms and the information on the website to learn what is required, or contact the Registrar for more assistance. The forms must be filled in completely otherwise the process will be delayed due to the Registrar needing to contact you for the full details.


Q.  I am already a member of a state canine body.  Do I have to join a Tenterfield Terrier club?

A.  Yes, you must join a Tenterfield Terrier club as a fully paid member to have your Development Register forms processed.


Q.  I have a breeder’s prefix with a state canine body already.  Can I use this for my Development Register dog/bitch?

A.  Yes, if you have an ANKC prefix already this will be used on the paperwork.  If you do not have a breeder’s prefix you will need to complete the Kennel Prefix form and send to the Registrar.

Q.  Where will I find the forms and more information?

A.  The NTTC website has the forms - - Forms.php or contact the Registrar by email

or phone 0411 361 858.

Q.  Will the Development Register close?

A.  The Development Register is extended for five years at a time. Currently it is due for renewal in December 2021.


Q.  Does my dog/bitch need to be microchipped?

A.  Yes, as per ANKC requirements.  Paperwork will not be processed without a microchip number for each dog/bitch.

Q.  Do I need a vet check?

A.  Yes - First generation dogs/bitches of 12 months or over require a vet check.  Subsequent generations will also require a vet check at 12 months of age before Stud Book papers are issued and the dog/bitch can be bred with.


Q.  What else is needed to register a first generation dog/bitch?

A.  Apart from the specific requirements set out on the application forms, your dog/bitch will need to have a PLL test done. This  will ensure any subsequent generations are clear of the disease.  Contact the Registrar for more information.


Q.  What paperwork is required to register puppies onto the Development Register?

A.  Once your first generation dog/bitch has pups you must submit the two litter forms (Litter Application and Litter  Service)

to the Registrar. Each pup will receive paperwork that is used to provide yours, or the new owner’s, name/s. The owners of the pups complete their pups paperwork and send to the Registrar to receive a Puppy Registration number on that same paperwork (if you are retaining the pup you too must complete  this process).  This same paperwork needs completing when the dog/bitch turns 12 months old – it contains the vet check section.  Return to the  Registrar with photographs of your dog/bitch.  You will then be issued with a Stud Book Listing and can commence breeding.


Q.  Can I send the photos on A4 paper or email them to you?

A.  It is preferred to have actual photographs, as one of them will be attached to the Stud Book paperwork.  The photos also need to be signed off by a vet proving that the photos are of the correct dog/bitch.  These details are on the form.


Q.  Should my TT be on the adult books before mating?

A.  Yes, to ensure your TT meets the requirements of the Development Register. This also helps to determine who best to breed with.


Q.  Can I breed my dog/bitch more than once on the Development Register?

A.  Yes.  You may use the dog/bitch as much as you wish according to your breeding plan and in accordance with ANKC Regulations (Part 6,  Section 8).  It is recommended you select matings that will improve your line in accordance with the standard and to bring in new pedigrees where possible.  The Registrar can assist with enquiries for other dogs/bitches on the Development Register if required, with the approval of owners and/or breeders concerned.

Q.  Who can help me sort out all the paperwork?

A.  The Registrar is the best person to direct questions to.  Unfortunately not all Tenterfield Terrier members fully understand the process and may give out misleading information.


Q.  Can I use a Tenterfield Terrier that is ANKC registered to breed with a Development Registered one?

A.  Yes. You need to supply a copy of the ANKC pedigree to the Registrar so the parents and grandparents, etc can be recorded on the Development Register.

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