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Development Register Information and Forms

The Development Register has been extended for another five years from January 2017.


As a new breed, having been accepted in 2002, The Tenterfield Terriers has a development register managed by the NTTC.  This register is used to enable breeders to build up the generations behind dogs on our register.  A dog must have five generations on its pedigree (including the dog to be registered) before its pedigree can be registered with the Australian National Kennel Club. 


It can be confusing to understand the forms required and how the process of breeding your dogs up the 'generation ladder' works.  Please contact the Registrar for any questions no matter what the subject on  A lot of advice provided by well-meaning people may not be applicable to your situation.  The information provided on this page is an attempt to explain the process, however, it is convoluted to comprehend, so feel free to contact the Registrar any time.


If you have a dog that appears to be very similar to a Tenterfield Terrier you can apply to have it accepted as a First Generation Tenterfield Terrier.  The NTTC has an acceptance process for these dogs to undergo which involves some of the forms on this page.  Consequent litters are placed on the Development Register until there are sufficient generations behind the dog so it can be officially registered with the ANKC.  Five generations are required - four pedigree lines plus the dog you are registering.  Once this has been done the dog can enter conformation shows and agility competitions.


If you wish to register a mini fox terrier as a Tenterfield Terrier this is possible also.  No legal or copyright issues apply.


Most queries can be answered by referring to the application forms part 1 and 2 or refer to our FAQs.  It is essential to include all requirements asked of you on the form to ensure processing in a timely manner.  If you do not receive your paperwork after four weeks please contact the Registrar via email on in case it has become lost in the mail.


You will see from the forms that the costs involved are minimal ($15).  Read the forms first and if you have any queries email our Registrar.

1.  You must also be a member of a Tenterfield Terrier Club for the Development Register forms to be processed, even if you are member of a State canine body already.  Below are membership forms to the clubs.  See the Contact Us page for club websites and contact details.

2.  Pet names will not be used on the forms.

3.  When the dog turns one year of age you must complete the veterinary certificate and upgrade to the Stud Dog Registry by completing the bottom part of your litter document, as well as the vet certificate on the back and returning to the Registrar for processing.

4.  Requirements include (a) micro chipping  your dog and (b) including your email address so you can be advised when your paperwork has been posted.

5.  First generation dogs will need a PLL test via Orivet at  More information can be obtained from the Standard Tab under Health, or contact our Registrar.

First Generation Application - part 1.

For owners wishing to register their dog as a
Tenterfield Terrier on the Development Register.
See form for further details.

First Generation Application - part 2.

This form identifies the markings of your dog as

well as the health checks needed.  

Litter Form - Application - part 1. 

To register your litter onto the Development Register.

Litter Form - Service - part 2.

Accompanies the Litter Application - needs details of sire and dam.

Veterinary Certificate / Health Check.

Health checks required for Development Registered dogs at one year of age.

Kennel Prefix

Apply for a new kennel prefix or advise us of your ANKC registered kennel prefix.   You must be a member of one of the TT clubs.

Transfer of Ownership Form.

If you sell your dog to somebody else - let us know by completing this form. 

Email Registrar when you make a payment or post forms.

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